Ashton Air’s approach to selling aircraft is very simple. Analyze the specific market for the aircraft type being sold, price it competitively, then market the aircraft aggressively.  How we market is different than many.  We believe that the traditional methods of print advertising and direct mail are dying –even in this legacy industry.  eMarketing and Automation is the way we get your aircraft out to the world.  Once we get it out there we follow up with brokers and clients directly to network your aircraft.  Marketing can only go so far.  At the end of the day its people and relationships that get these aircraft sold.

The people at Ashton Air have sold many aircraft and we have a reputation of being fair and easy to work with. This reputation sells aircraft.

When a broker is looking for an aircraft for their client, they want someone on the other side that is candid and won’t play games.  Selling your aircraft over the many others listed for sale is often about being reasonable and easy to work with. Ego’s and airplanes go hand and hand…we pride ourselves in checking ours at the door.

If this sounds like an approach that you appreciate please give us an opportunity to put this strait forward approach to work selling your aircraft.