How can buying a fraction of an aircraft be more then buying an entire aircraft?  This seems to good to be true.  Well it is not.  Most of the fractional aircraft keep their aircraft for 10-12 years.  Many of those aircraft are hitting the market at the same time which is creating extreme downward pressure on the prices of some very nice and well equipped used aircraft.

Savvy fractional owners are making the switch to full aircraft ownership.  This is why Ashton Air has developed the Fractional Transitional Program, a specific program that helps fractional providers exit their existing share and purchase them a replacement aircraft.  Ashton air researches their current fractional aircraft and provides real time market intelligence of recent sales to make sure that their client is getting a realistic resale value from the fractional provider for their existing aircraft and at the same time begins a replacement aircraft search so that there is little to no interruption in service.

The fractional providers have some very high monthly management fees and sometimes these costs are even higher than the cost to operate a full aircraft especially with the optional participation in a 135 charter program which generate revenue while the owner is not using the aircraft.  Ashton Air’s “Fractional Transitional Program” takes clients through the entire process from acquisition to your first flight.

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