Fractional Jet Owners – Discover Its now Cheaper to buy an entire aircraft.

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How can buying a fraction of an aircraft be more then buying an entire aircraft?  This seems to good to be true.  Well it is not.  Most of the fractional aircraft keep their aircraft for 10-12 years.  Many of those aircraft are hitting the market at the same time which is creating extreme downward […]

The Drone Registration Myth

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Media has generated a lot of discussion and hype over the FAA’s recent requirement to “Register Your Drone”.  The ironic thing is that they are not having you register your drones.  They have begun a process for registering you as a “Drone Operator”– I put those words in quotes because the actual term is […]

New Offices for the New Year

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Ashton Air moved into some new offices to start the new year.  This new space will let us focus on our clients and our work.  We are excited to be able to move into a newly renovated office space with room for us to grow.

Did Santa Bring You a Private Jet?

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Did Santa brig you a private jet?   If so, it looks like someone was really, really good!  If you were like us, and not that good last year, don’t worry, we have you covered.  Ashton Air can help you find what you are looking for.   We are looking at 2016 as a year […]