Private Travel Analysis – Optimizing Your Aviation Mix


Private travel is expensive. But for those who have the means, there is no better way to save time and travel more comfortably.  It does not matter if you charter, own your own aircraft, fractional share or jet card the industry pricing models are always in flux.  We all know private travel is expensive but don’t pay mare than you have to.

How often do you look at your travel schedule and evaluate how you are going to travel privately?   Most clients only look at this every 3-5 years.  We recommend that our clients do this annually as the market is continually changing and evolving.  Spending what amounts to the cost of one charter to have an industry expert review your travel plans is either a confirmation that what you are doing currently is optimized or it will show you how you can save money going forward.

We often find that what was right for a client when he bought an aircraft 18 months ago is not optimized now.

Hiring someone who has the knowledge and experience in the industry is money well spent that will often lead to a reduction in your overall travel budget.

Our services look at your current travel and your anticipated travel in order to make suggestions to reduce cost and/or improve your quality of service.  Whether you own your own aircraft or if you occasionally charter, we can help you purchase more efficiently.  [thrive_2step id=’574′]Click here to contact us.[/thrive_2step]