Selecting an Aircraft Management Company


There is surprising little guidance when it comes to selecting a management company.  Many clients go with someone that they have either chartered with or someone that their broker or pilot may recommend.  This may or may not be the best choice.  Our founder has worked for and run multiple management companies.  In addition he was responsible for procurement for the largest fractional provider.  Therefore he has seen many different companies offering management services in many different ways and quality levels.  This is why we see a need for management selection services.  This combined with our audit services allow us to make sure our clients get a good deal but also that the deal is followed as written and all the items are in order.

Since we have this unique perspective on knowing what terms management companies will consider and what they will likely not we have begun to offer our service as consultants to help guide clients in this significant decision.  If you are considering a management company change, or have just acquired an aircraft and need help in placement please reach out to us.