Aircraft Auditing Services

Who is auditing your management company?    Who is looking at your monthly management invoices?

Aircraft Management

If you don’t have a warm fuzzy when you read the two questions above don’t feel bad your not alone.  Most companies don’t have someone internal that understands the complexities of managing an aircraft and consequently they just have someone from accounting reviewing things that they really don’t understand.

If you have just purchased an aircraft and do not have a management company we can help you select the aircraft management company that is right for you.  If you are already with a management company then we will be an external consultant with the aviation knowledge and expertise that will review your contract and then audit your invoices each month for accuracy.

Operating an aircraft is expensive.  You have hired an aircraft management company to do the job of managing your aircraft and watching the cost.  Most management companies do just that but sometimes the process breaks down and you may accidentally pay for a charges that are not yours.

Ronald Reagan used a Russian proverb that had a lot of wisdom “Trust but verify!”  You trust your management company to look after your aircraft but when do you double check them?  Everyone makes mistakes.   Is your internal team enough of a subject expert on aviation to know what to look for?   Often there is no intent to deceive, but errors do happen that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  Sometimes aircraft owners get mis-charged.  Having an experienced team to verify your management invoices helps to reduce the risk of invoice error.  One error found and corrected can often pay for several months of consulting.

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