Acquiring an aircraft is a complicated process. Having an aviation professional guide you through all of the details will help to ensure that the aircraft you buy is the correct one and that it will lead to many years of successful aircraft ownership.

The first part in the process is the selection of the type of aircraft that you should buy. It is amazing how many educated people purchase a certain type of aircraft primarily because one of their friends or acquaintances purchased that type of aircraft. Each person’s needs are unique. Spending some time up front analyzing the different options is the best way to make sure that you do not make a costly mistake.

Once you have decided what type of aircraft that you would like to purchase, researching the market is the way to make sure that you get the best value for your money. A buyer can’t really do this on their own. Brokers will talk to other brokers, but when they talk to a retail buyer they are generally trying to push them towards only one of the aircraft that they are listing. Each category of private aircraft have their own supply and demand curve.
Buying an aircraft without an experienced aircraft broker is not something that is advisable. There are too many details that even a very well educated customer can overlook. Ashton Air has the experience and knowledge as well as access to market information to advise you accordingly.